Dresden Elbe riverbank

Dresden Elbe riverbank


Brühl'sche Terrassen in Dresden: The Balcony of Europe

The Dresden Elbe embankment is also called the Neustädter Elbufer and is located between the Rosengarten and the Marienbrücke in Dresden on the Elbe cycle path. Here you will find the famous Königsufer with the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Finance. Also worth seeing on the banks of the Elbe are the Japanese Palace, the Bellevue Hotel and the Blockhaus, also known as the Neustädter Wache. In 1945, many of these buildings were destroyed in an air raid. The Ministry and the Japanese Palace, among others, were rebuilt afterwards. Here you will find the famous Glockenspiel Pavilion, from whose windows the Pfund dairy used to sell its products. This pavilion was also rebuilt in the 1990s.


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