Friedrichshafen lookout tower

Friedrichshafen lookout tower


Unique Lake Constance view from the Mole Tower

Anyone who has ever docked in Friedrichshafen by ship from Lake Constance will know it: the Friedrichshafen observation tower at the harbour entrance, also known as the Moleturm. The tower was only erected in 2000 in the course of the renovation and redesign of the old harbour piers and is a total of 22.25 metres high. Unfortunately, the freely accessible Friedrichshafen observation tower does not have a lift. You can reach the top viewing platform via 117 steel steps. Here, 50 people can enjoy the unique view of Lake Constance. Its restrained design was intended to harmonise with the Bauhaus architecture of the Zeppelin Museum, which is housed in the former harbour railway station.


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