Hornberg Castle on the Neckar

Hornberg Castle on the Neckar


Home of Götz von Berlichingen

Majestically enthroned on a rocky outcrop high above the Neckar Valley, it offers a unique panoramic view – Hornberg Castle on the Neckar River. As one of the oldest, largest and best preserved ruins of a knight’s castle in Germany, it is also called the pearl of the Neckar-Odenwald district. Hornberg Castle became famous as the home of the famous imperial knight Götz von Berlingen, who lived here from 1517 to 1562. The notorious knight, brawler and captain died at Hornberg Castle at the age of 82. After extensive renovation, the castle complex can be admired by visitors today. Just the thing for anyone who wants to visit a knight’s castle like in a picture book.


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