Idstein Witch Tower

Idstein Witch Tower


Cultural property according to the Hague Convention

It is considered Idstein’s landmark and is one of the oldest buildings in the city: the Idstein Witches’ Tower, which towers over the city. Built in several phases in the years 1170, 1240 and 1500, it was not completed until around 1810. Structurally, the 42-metre-high tower is a keep in the form of a butter barrel tower and belongs to Idstein Castle. The Idstein Witches’ Tower can be visited and is a cultural asset under the Hague Convention with an international protection mark. Anyone who thinks the Hexenturm is a reference to the Idstein witch hunts in the 17th century is mistaken. The name Hexenturm was coined according to the general fashion of the time.


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