King’s Chair and chalk cliffs

King’s Chair and chalk cliffs


Legendary natural monument on the island of Rügen

You can admire a special natural spectacle on the island of Rügen: the Königsstuhl and the chalk cliffs. This sight was formed in the course of millions of years on the largest Baltic Sea island and is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In the Königsstuhl National Park Center you can learn a lot about the formation of the chalk cliffs in the Stubbenkammer on Rügen and about the Königsstuhl itself. The Königsstuhl is the highest elevation on Rügen and offers a unique view over the Baltic Sea. Around the name of the king’s chair some legends entwine, e.g. that the Swedish king is supposed to have led a sea duel against the Danes from there in 1715.


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