Lauffen/Neckar Old Town

Lauffen/Neckar Old Town


Historic town center on the Neckar

The picturesque old town of Lauffen is protected as a historic monument and is located to the left and right of the Neckar River. “Lauffen Dorf” and the “Lauffener Städtle” are connected by the historic Neckar bridge. Particularly striking in the town silhouette are the Regiswindis Church and the Lauffen Castle on the Neckar Island with its castle courtyard. From here you have a beautiful view of the Neckaruferpark. The old town of Lauffen am Neckar can be explored either on your own or on one of the numerous city tours, on which you can visit a total of 11 stops. Especially popular with tourists are the wine experience tours and the city and costume tours, during which entertaining anecdotes are told.


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