Lauffen on the Neckar Graffenberg

Lauffen on the Neckar Graffenberg


City Hall on the Neckar Island

The location of the Count’s Castle in Lauffen am Neckar is already a special feature. It was built at the beginning of the 11th century by the Counts of Lauffen on an island in the Neckar and is still the only island castle on the Neckar. After the noble family of Lauffen died out, the Count’s Castle was pledged to the Margraves of Baden in 1219. During the Thirty Years’ War the residential castle was destroyed and then rebuilt. Since the end of the war, the Count’s Castle has served continuously as an administrative seat: first for the town’s bailiff, then from 1818 for the Lauffen town administration and the town hall. In addition, a museum has been located in the tower since 2006.


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