Melsungen Bartenwetzer Bridge

Melsungen Bartenwetzer Bridge


Historical relic of the forest workers

In the past, the stone Bartenwetzer Bridge in the old town of Melsung was one of the most important transport links. It was built over 400 years ago (1595-96) and is considered one of the most beautiful bridge structures in Hesse. The unusual name comes from the long tradition of the forest workers who used to live in Melsungen. They used to meet on the bridge in the morning before starting work to sharpen their axes or baleen in the sandstone. This created grinding hollows that can still be seen today. Two statues of baleen sharpeners on the bridge still remind us of this forestry tradition. Another sight on the Bartenwetzer Bridge is the bronze model of the old town of Melsung, which shows the half-timbered town.


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