Melsungen City Hall

Melsungen City Hall


Architecturally impressive building with Bartenwetzer figure

One of the most impressive buildings in the small town of Melsungen in northern Hesse is certainly the town hall, which was built as early as the 1560s. After the predecessor building was destroyed along with a total of 12 other buildings in a major fire in 1554, the construction of the half-timbered building with the striking four polygonal corner towers followed. The free-standing building also has three projecting upper floors. On the central tower, the landmark of the town of Melsungen appears twice a day, at 12 noon and 6 p.m., as a carved wooden figure: the Bartenwetzer. Even today, parts of the Melsungen city administration, more precisely the main office and the personnel office, are still housed in the historic building.


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