Miltenberg St. James Church

Miltenberg St. James Church


Sacral building from the 13th century

In the 13th century, when Miltenberg was officially granted its town charter, St. James Church was also built in Miltenberg. In spite of the frequent reconstructions, some elements from earlier centuries are still preserved in the Catholic church today. These include, for example, the Epiphany group from 1400, the columns of the nave from the 14th century and the Backoffen cross from around 1500, the alabaster altarpiece from 1624 and the pulpit by Zacharias Juncker from 1635. In particular, the neoclassical towers that rise below the Mildenburg are an absolute eye-catcher in the townscape. The bell ringing with its six bells is said to be almost as loud as the cathedral in Würzburg.


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