Munich Frühlingsanlagen

Munich Frühlingsanlagen


A green oasis in the floodplain

The Frühlingsanlagen park in Munich are a true paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This spacious green area stretches along the right bank of the Isar in the Au district, from the Wittelsbach bridge to the Reichenbach bridge. The location behind the city nursery provides a green, relaxing environment that is ideal for families and individuals alike.

Relaxation and fun for the whole family

The Frühlingsanlagen park are ideal for walking, jogging and cycling.The paths through the park invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature. Here you will also find the Weiden island, which lies in the middle of the Isar and is an insider’s tip for swimming. There is a playground for children in the Au, which provides plenty of fun and exercise. Particularly practical: there are public toilets in the centre of the park, making your stay even more pleasant.

Swimming fun on the Isar beach

Another highlight is the bathing area on the Isar beach. On hot summer days, the Isar offers a welcome way to cool off. The banks are less crowded than other bathing spots in Munich, which makes for a relaxed bathing experience.

Sport and relaxation on the Kapellenwiese

The Kapellenwiese in the Frühlingsanlagen is the perfect place for sporting activities. Here you can take part in outdoor sports such as judo or yoga. If the Isar meadows are even too crowded, the Kapellenwiese and the surrounding areas offer more peace and relaxation.


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