Munich Wittelsbach Bridge

Munich Wittelsbach Bridge


Walks and swimming fun on the Isar

Right in the centre of Munich, nestled in the charming Glockenbach district, lies the historic Wittelsbach Bridge. This bridge is somewhat quieter than the lively Reichenbach Bridge and offers not only a wonderful view of the Isar, but also an insight into Munich’s history.

The Wittelsbach Bridge, which takes its name from the Bavarian royal family, is a popular place for walks and cycle tours. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the impressive view here at any time of year. The bridge is an ideal starting point for long walks along the Isar, taking you through the green heart of the city.

Cool off at the bathing spots on the Wittelsbach Bridge in Munich

Another highlight are the bathing spots below and above the bridge. On hot summer days, the Isar offers welcome refreshment here. The steps directly on the Isar also invite you to linger.

There are many opportunities around the bridge to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy nature and unwind.


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