Nuremberg Maxbridge

Nuremberg Maxbridge


Oldest stone bridge over the Pegnitz

Between Maxplatz and Unschlittplatz, the Maxbrücke bridge crosses the river Pegnitz. Built in 1457, the imposing three-arched stone bridge was originally called “Steinerne Brücke” (Stone Bridge), but was renamed Maxbrücke in 1810 in honour of the first Bavarian King Maximilian Joseph I (1806 to 1825). Built by master builder Jakob Grimm from Rotheburg, the Maxbrücke is today the oldest solid stone bridge over the river Pegnitz. After a fire in the wooden water tower of the Nägeleinsmühle, which is located to the west of the Maxbrücke, it was rebuilt in the middle of the 19th century according to the plans of Bernhard Solger and was not opened to traffic again until 1852.


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