Saarburg Old Town

Saarburg Old Town


Town centre under the sign of fishermen and skippers

Strolling through Saarburg’s old town on the banks of the Saar, one discovers old house marks with maritime motifs in many of the narrow streets. Fishermen, anchors, boat hooks and oars on the old fishermen’s and skippers’ houses point to the centuries-old tradition of fishermen and skippers in the town. The old town, also called “Staden”, is one of the oldest parts of Saarburg and begins at the foot of the waterfall. Also worth seeing in the historic town centre are the museums Hackenberger Mühle and the Kulturgießerei. As Saarburg’s old town was frequently affected by floods, a flood protection wall was built in 1987 in the course of the expansion of the Saar into a major shipping route.


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