Staufeneck Castle

Staufeneck Castle


Birthplace of Benedictine Anselm Schott

The exact year of construction of Staufeneck Castle, which lies on the Road of the Hohenstaufen near Göppingen, is unclear. The years 1080 and 1240 are mentioned. The builders, the Lords of Staufeneck, were probably related to the Staufers. This is indicated at least by a similar coat of arms with the typical lion. After the owners of the Spornburg had changed frequently, it gradually fell into ruin from about 1800 onwards. Finally, in 1843, the well-known Benedictine Anselm Schott was born at Staufeneck Castle. The building called the “Anselm Schott House” is still a reminder of this today. Today, visitors will find the Burghotel Staufeneck with two restaurants in the ruins.


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