Würzburg Käppele Pilgrimage Church

Würzburg Käppele Pilgrimage Church


Destination of hikers and pilgrims

High on the Nikolausberg above Würzburg lies the Käppele pilgrimage church. Originally, there was a chapel of grace here, to which the Käppele pilgrimage church, which still exists today, was added in the middle of the 18th century. As early as 1650, the Pieta is said to have caused apparitions and miracles and attracted believers from the surrounding area. The famous statue can be seen today in the chapel’s altar of grace. Especially during Whitsun week, many pilgrims find their way to the Käppele. Via an idyllic station path with a total of 14 chapels, on which life-size groups of figures by Peter Wagner can be seen, hikers and pilgrims make their way to the well-known pilgrimage church of Käppele.


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