Würzburg St. Kilian’s Cathedral

Würzburg St. Kilian’s Cathedral


Romanesque cathedral from the Salian imperial period

Built from 1040 onwards, Würzburg’s St. Kilian’s Cathedral is today considered a major work of German architecture at the time of the Salian emperors. The eastern towers were added to Germany’s fourth-largest Romanesque church in 1237. In the early 1700s, the interior was decorated with magnificent stucco in the style of the High Baroque. The Schönborn Chapel, which was later added to the transept, is one of the most important works by Balthasar Neumann. Here are the tombs of the prince-bishops from the House of Schönborn. The unique frescoes, the sepulture with modern stained glass windows and the Gothic cloister are particularly worth seeing. After the Kiliandsom was completely burnt out in 1945, it was rebuilt until 1967.


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