Würzburg Stone Path

Würzburg Stone Path


Interesting facts about the history of wine

The Würzburger Stone Path is a unique stone wine trail in the world-famous “Würzburger Stein” vineyard. There is a choice of different routes on which hikers can learn interesting facts about the city, wine and the history of viticulture on a total of 20 information boards. The trail starts in the city and leads steeply up the vineyards for four kilometres and 50 metres in altitude. Then it goes right through the vines and past numerous almond and peach trees as well as lush rose bushes. The vineyard “Würzburger Stein” is known for the full-bodied taste of the wine, which comes from the many hours of sunshine. This is why Würzburg wine is considered one of the best in the world.


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