Würzburg Skywalk

Würzburg Skywalk


Panoramic view over Würzburg

High on Würzburg’s local mountain, the so-called Würzburger Stein with its many vines, the Würzburg Skywalk was built in 2018. Below the Bismarckwäldchen, the modern panoramic bridge offers a unique view of Würzburg and the entire surrounding area. In short: an experience that should not be missed on a trip to Würzburg. The Würzburg Skywalk is reserved exclusively for pedestrians. They should be well on foot: even the ascent to the bridge at an altitude of around 100 metres is only possible on two legs. Unfortunately, the Würzburg Skywalk is not accessible by car. But the picturesque view quickly compensates for the strenuous climb.


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