Ravensburg old town

Ravensburg old town


Pearl north of Lake Constance

Anyone who sees the silhouette of Ravensburg’s old town will have an idea why it is also called the “city of towers and gates”. The Upper Swabian city, which lies about 17 kilometers north of Lake Constance, has a total of 17 gate and wall towers from different eras. Many of them tell about the eventful history of the town. For example, in what is probably the oldest gate in the city, the Upper Gate, the so-called “Armsünderglöcklein” (little bell for sinners) always struck when an execution was imminent in the Middle Ages. The lower gate from the 14th century, on the other hand, was supposed to keep enemies away from the town with its pitch nose. You have a beautiful view from the Blaserturm – in good weather you can even see Lake Constance and the Säntis.


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