Sigmaringen Castle – Hohenzollern

Sigmaringen Castle – Hohenzollern


Hohenzollern castle in the middle of the city

Sigmaringen Castle is known as the second largest city castle in Germany and the seat of the German royal and imperial dynasty of Hohenzollern. Sigmaringen Castle was first mentioned in 1077 as the Castle of Sigmaringen. Remains of this castle from the Staufer period, more precisely the castle gate, palace and keep, are still preserved today. In the 16th century, the complex became the property of the Hohenzollern dynasty, who extensively rebuilt Sigmaringen Castle in the 17th and 19th centuries and still occupy it today. As part of themed tours, the weapons collection in the weapons hall and many rooms of the castle worth seeing are shown to give visitors an understanding of the eventful history of the city castle.


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