Sulzbach Rosenberg Gothic Town Hall

Sulzbach Rosenberg Gothic Town Hall


Gothic administrative headquarters and former "shopping centre

In the “town on the mountain”, the Franconian town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg, the Gothic town hall, which is well worth seeing, is located in the centre of the old town. On the same site as the previous building, two interconnected parts of the building, a hall and a transverse building, were erected between 1456 and 1470. Originally, the basement served as a kind of shopping centre for the townspeople, where they could buy bread, meat and other things. The upper floor, on the other hand, was used for town council meetings as well as court decisions by the sovereign and festive events. An eye-catcher of the historic town hall in Sulzbach-Rosenberg is certainly the main façade, which was restored in 2004 to the state it was in when it was built.


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