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Thuringian Forest - Off to the Rennsteig Nature Paradise

Discover varied hiking trails and rich history

The Thuringian Forest between Eisenach in the northwest and the Saale dams in the southeast is ideal for hiking. With its four national natural landscapes, the low mountain range really does have something for everyone. From short forest trails for leisurely hikers and family hikes to sporty circular or stage hikes on the famous Rennsteig trail. Also exciting are the six pilgrimage trails and the Luther trails in the footsteps of Martin Luther, where you can learn more about the history of the region. If you want to hike along the Rennsteig, you can look forward not only to varied routes but also to great huts to stop at. In addition, you will find many sights in the Thuringian Forest that are worth a visit.

If you are travelling with children, a detour to the wild cat village in Hütscheroda is highly recommended. Not far away in Hainich is Germany’s highest treetop path with spectacular views of the Thuringian Forest. If you’re in Thuringia for a hike, the Trusetal Waterfall is also a nice destination. The romantic natural monument is located near the small town of Brotterode-Trusetal and is an absolute highlight in the atmospheric forest landscape.

Hiking Darßer Urwald: Nature Paradise on the Baltic Sea

Thousands of years old forests meet Baltic beaches in the Darß Forest

There are not many primeval forests in Germany – the Darß Forest is a very special one. About 60 km from Rostock lies the Darß primeval forest with an area of 5,800 hectares on the Darß peninsula. The extraordinary thing about this forest is its direct location on the Baltic Sea. Hiking through the forest with a view of the sea – where else can you find something like that? Especially the 10 km long “Forest and Beach Route” is very impressive. Here you can marvel at the thousands of years old alder quarries and beech forests, old beach walls and moors, and in between take a break on the beach and cool your feet in the water. A circular walk around Darßer Ort, hikes from Prerow to West Beach and Darßer Lighthouse or a hike near Zingst are also great tips for hiking in Darß.

Extra tip: As the north-western part of the forest is part of the protected zone of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park, you may only use signposted hiking trails in this part of the Darßer Urwald.

Hiking in the Black Forest - from Nagold to the Schluchtensteig

Explore Germany's popular hiking destination

As one of the most popular hiking areas in Germany, the Black Forest stretches over 160 km from the dense forests in the north to hiking trails with views of the Alps in the south. Due to the variety of hiking trails, you can hike in the forest all year round in this popular holiday region. The Black Forest is not only known for its natural sights such as the Feldberg, the Schluchsee, the impressive Wutach Gorge or the Todtnau Waterfalls. The Black Forest is also very important for German culture: in addition to the Bollenhut and the cuckoo clock, the region in Baden-Württemberg is also associated with fairy tales such as Snow White. Starting from the half-timbered town of Nagold, you can explore the Black Forest via one of the premium hiking trails. In addition to the dreamy forests, the heights you can climb while hiking in the northern Black Forest are particularly impressive. The long-distance hiking trails Schluchtensteig and Westweg are perfect for a multi-day hike in the Black Forest. A stop in the university city of Freiburg, which is well worth seeing, should not be missed. If you want to explore the Black Forest with children, you can try one of the many barefoot trails, for example in the Pfinzweiler Forest – a very special experience for the senses.

Hiking holiday in Germany in the Bavarian Forest

Discover nature and wildlife in Germany's oldest national park.

Whether it’s a forest walk or a challenging tour with a summit climb in the low mountain range – hiking in the Bavarian Forest is suitable for everyone. Germany’s oldest national park borders on the Czech Republic and is known for its picturesque nature reserves and moorland. A good starting point for hiking in the forest is the Small Lake Arbersee – a real insider tip in the Bavarian Forest. From here you can choose one of the numerous hiking routes that lead you through the unspoilt landscape. With a bit of luck, you will see one of the special animal species in the Bavarian Forest National Park: in addition to bears and lynxes, wolves and even elks live here. Special highlights for a forest holiday in Germany are the well-known Goldsteig hiking trail between Passau and Marktredwitz and the 15 km long tour through the Höllbachgspreng to the Falkenstein summit at 1,315 m above sea level.

Teutoburg Forest: Externsteine, Hermann Monument & lots of history

Discover historical sites and natural wonders on picturesque hiking trails through this diverse low mountain range

Anyone who goes hiking in the Teutoburg Forest can feel the region’s eventful history everywhere. In the 9th century, the low mountain range in Lower Saxony was the site of the famous Varus Battle between the Romans and the Germanic tribes. Today, the Hermann Monument still commemorates this historic event. In addition, you will find no less than Germany’s largest natural sight in the Teutoburg Forest: the 110-million-year-old Externsteine rocks are definitely worth a stop when hiking the Silberbachvalley Route. To explore the two nature parks in the Teutoburg Forest, you can hike along the long-distance hiking trails Eggeweg or Hermannsweg. Whether you are hiking with your dog or on a multi-day tour with friends – the Teutoburg Forest offers numerous possibilities. Discover picturesque villages and small chapels on the “Old Paderborn Pilgrimage Trail” or enjoy the distant view over the peaks of the low mountain range.

Forests in Germany: Holidays in Nature

Enjoy exercise in nature and discover picturesque natural sights on forest walks in every season.

Hiking in the forest is pure relaxation for body and soul. In addition to exercising in the fresh air, you can explore the beauty of the German landscape and numerous natural sights with our tips for forests to hike in. The best thing about it: A forest hike is possible at any time of year – the wonderfully shady forests are of course especially popular on warm late summer days.

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