Historical wall walk in Waiblingen

Historical wall walk in Waiblingen


Former battlements on the city wall

The wall walk in Waiblingen takes visitors back to the 13th century. Construction of the town wall, which runs from Beinsteiner Tor past Erleninsel to Apothekergarten, began in 1250 and lasted a total of 30 years. The embrasures and the additional battlements of the well-preserved wall walk bear witness to the former defence function of the town wall. The battlements were added in the middle of the 13th century and lead from the Kaptelltor gate at the Bürgermühle mill to the Beinstein gate tower. In the 19th century, when the town wall was no longer needed for defence, buildings with tanneries were erected in front of the wall on the mill canal. These are still partially preserved today.


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